Tuesday, 12 December 2017

From Day - To Night this Christmas

From Day...

It's been snowing all weekend, the trees up, there's Christmas lights all around. The shops are filled with cinnamon and spiced orange scented candles, all of the Christmas pop up markets have their hot mulled wine ready. I'm snug on the sofa with a fluffy blanket, hot chocolate in hand and Polar Express in the background - It's safe to say Christmas is here!

Something I find hard to do is dress nice, but casual for the daytime. I'm either dressed super extra with sparkles, pearls and statement boots, or I look like a sloth thats just crawled out of a bush, theres no in-between. I like to be comfortable, but I don't pull of the cute sweats, tee and trainers look like Kim K does, maybe its the lack of curves, or bum, or maybe the professional glam squad, who knows! 

When I wake up in a hurry for my 10am uni starts, I always want something that I can just throw on. This will usually be a pair of jeans or tight grey joggers, admittedly its something I won't have to iron. Now I've found these PRETTY LITTLE THING wide leg trousers I can be both comfy, stylish and festive! 
I don't know about you, but I love versatile pieces. That's why these trousers make the best day to night piece. They have a sporty red and white stripe along the side, this gives it a real casual relaxed feel, but also breaks up the glitter. They're fitted at the waist and thigh area and then have a gradual flare. 

What I like about these flares are that they're not too wide legged. I've bought so many in the past and they would be impossible to wear without heels. So I could only wear them on a night out or to a cute lunch, something that required me  dressing up for. However, with these they're not too long and the flares are a reasonably casual.
 I paired them with this oversized slogan tee from Zara that reads 'No more boring days, no more waking up early, no more Mondays, no more morning alarms, no more lists'. Oh how I wish this was the case, but with every negative such as a Monday morning theres a positive. In my case its a Billionaires Hot chocolate before uni. With every annoying morning alarm there's something great you have to be getting up for and with no more stress theres a life of bliss and happiness.

To night...

Sometimes I'll have to go out in the evening, but have minimal/no time to change into something more suitable for the occasion. Grab a bodysuit chuck on a pair of heels, throw on a faux fur and you're ready for the night! When paired with heels these trousers elongate the legs so much and really show off the snug fit. 

I have my work Christmas party coming up at the weekend, we're going to a cute vegetarian restaurant for dinner and cocktails followed by a party destination. I'll definitely be wearing these trousers because not only will they keep my legs warm in the frosty evening, they'll be comfortable to dance in and they're perfect for the restaurant. Also, if my feet are hurting at the end of the night from being in heels for so long, I can bring a change of trainers in my bag for the journey home!

3 reasons why they're a perfect December must have:
  1. They're red, you don't get more festive than that. It's the colour Santa wears!
  2. They have specs of glitter so they resemble tinsel, glitters always great for a celebration.
  3. They're WIDE LEG, need I say anymore.

This GUESS faux fur is my go-to! I bought it a few years back at Bicester Village. For a short while I felt like I had worn it way too much so I put it to the back of my wardrobe and posted it on my depop. When no one bought it I saw it as a blessing in disguise and I've fallen in love with it all over again. 

Going to the supermarket in my pyjamas? I've got this fur on top. It's a windy day? I've got this fur to keep me warm. Going on a night out? I'm bringing this fur with me. The great thing about it is that it goes with almost every style, casual, pyjamas or night out. 

I always find it hard to find a coat that goes well with my outfit and keeps me warm. No one wants to leave the club at 3am covered in goosebumps and shivering, thats why this coat is perfect, it makes any outfit look extra dressy. Not only does the Burgundy compliment the Red so well, but the textures also go nicely.

I paired this outfit with these rose gold HEELS, they're not too high so they're as comfortable as heels get. They're rose gold, a favourite colour of mine for accessories and they're a simple sandal heel. I decided to keep it simple as the trousers are the statement. 

I love day to night outfits, the kind you can wear to the office and then for drinks after. The outfits you can wear shopping and then to a cute dinner, these glitter trousers have to be a fave day to night piece for me! 


Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Releasing my inner Mariah - Queen of f*cking everything & Pearls

Okay guys, first of all, lets address the fact I look like a real life Christmas tree and I'm living for it! We're in December now, lets just be as festive as possible for the whole month. 

Its so easy to lose motivation or do things half heartedly, there's nothing wrong with it as long as you push through, we're only human. There are days when I'll wake up and not want to do anything, I won't want to go to uni, I won't want to see or socialise with anyone I'll just want to shut myself off from the outside world, but then I question - what will I gain from that? I'm paying 9k a year for uni I may as well get the most out of it, I'm lucky enough to have hilarious friends and a loving family so I may as well socialise with them (I'm not making out there's days where I don't go ahead with shutting off because we all have those days, but I try to have as few of them as possible). 
This slogan tee is amazing right? I'm afraid its OLD season Missguided and I say old because I got it about 2-3 years ago, I was a very sassy 17-year-old, my dad was not and is still not impressed with it! HAHA. It definitely makes a statement, and if you couldn't tell from my bitch club post I like to make a bold statement. 

What does it mean to be the Queen of f*cking everything? Well, for me its releasing my inner Mariah Carey. I remember being like 9-years-old and having a picture of her laying on a fluffy cloud as my PC background picture, not only is she my spirit animal, she is literally the Queen of everything: Queen diva, Drama QUEEN, Sparkle queen - I think you get my drift. I'll have to admit that I'm a bit of an unintentional drama queen sometimes, I don't mean to be it just comes naturally! For some people that's their worse nightmare but we can all be a little dramatic every now and then. 

We all set out to do different things in life but what's the point in going into it half heartedly? You may as well set out to be a Queen/King from the very start. To be a Queen is to be someone successful and of importance, in chess its a powerful piece all things I'd love to be. 
I paired this amazing tee with a khaki velvet belt from PRETTY LITTLE THING just to kick start the Christmas vibes. The velvet texture really compliments the pearls and not only does the colour makes it extra festive paired with the red boots! I love the big round buckle on the belt, its subtle but the shape flows nicely with the pearls. 

The belt has a thick band which is great because not only can you wear it with jeans, but I can also picture it looking really nice with a shirt dress. 

I love pearls, pearls, pearls, pearls - pearls I do adore! (look at me, remixing Jay Z girls). If you haven't guessed already from my Instagram, I am obsessed with pearls. So when these jeans were discounted for Black Friday I had to have them! What a perfect mom fit from PRETTY LITTLE THING. The pearls are perfectly symmetrical on each leg, something my OCD is super thankful for, the light wash colour compliments the cream pearls and can be worn with both light and dark colours. 

I love that these jeans are super festive so can be worn during the month of December, but they're also so light - in both colour and material so they can be worn in summer too. These jeans are both the statement and the accessory in an outfit  they're so easy to style: pearl jeans, white tee and trainers - the perfect outfit when you want to look like you tried, but not too hard. Or you can go all out like I did and pair them with a tee and some amazing bold ankle boots, that'll definitely turn heads. 
You would've seen these red EGO OFFICIAL boots on my previous post and as I said then, I'm in LOVE with them so I had to pair them with this outfit to top off the Christmas look, red patent, you don't get much more festive than that.

You're probably thinking its weird for me to be wearing a gold bracelet and silver ring, I should just stick to one right? Both of items of jewellery are sentimental to me and that will come before styling any day. The silver infinity ring which I've posted before was a gift from my boyfriend, I had been going on for ages that I wanted a Pandora ring (when I say ages, I literally mean three years) however he was always so reluctant because there wasn't any he liked, mean right? I mean I'm the one thats going to be wearing it not him. Anyway, he eventually saw one he liked and got it for me as a cute little surprise. 

The bracelet is even more precious, it belonged to my Great nan who sadly passed away almost a year to date. Being of an Indian background this is an Indian Gold bangle that she would always wear, I'm pretty sure she had it for most of her life. Recently my dad received it and gave it to me to keep and wear, its something I never plan on taking off - So not only is it extremely beautiful, its super sentimental. 
"You're so extra" is something I hear almost everyday, maybe next time I hear it I'll just respond with "I'm not extra, I'm the queen of f*cking everything" or does that come across as too rude and boujee? Hahaaaa x 

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Why I just can't get enough of RED

Surprise, surprise - I'm back in Red! Its funny because until recent years I was never a great lover of red, I felt like it was a fake pink, pinks arch enemy. But now you'll find me sporting a red lipstick on a night out, my car has red seats and whenever I want to add a pop of colour into my outfit I always go for red! Its great because its a colour that you don't have to put on hold due to the change of seasons; In Spring and Summer its perfect because its bright and goes great with pretty blossoming flowers, in Autumn it matches the crunchy falling leaves and in Winter it's the most festive colour going - I mean, its the colour that Santa Claus wears! 

Am I the only one that feels weather confused when they wear a jumper and sunglasses? Sometimes I'll be walking down the road in full on eskimo attire: A thick knitted jumper, scarf, ear muffs, fluffy coat, but then I have to wear sunglasses because the lost sun that provides nothing but light blinds me as I walk. 

Like a true Brit all I seem to be saying is "I can't believe how cold it is", its almost as if I've lived in Hawaii for the past 20 years of my life and have only arrived in the UK. I don't know why I'm so shocked - it's the same every year! Not wanting to dress dull just because darkness now arrives around 4pm, this PRETTY LITTLE THING Jumper was just what I needed. It comes in a variety of colours but I had to get it in red, for me, red is the colour of confidence. 
For the bargain price of just £15 this round neck, high split jumper will not only keep you warm and snug but leave you feeling confident. The colour red is such a bold statement in itself, theres no other way to wear it than with confidence. Studies have proven that the colour red brings things to the foreground, your brain subconsciously picks up red faster than any other colour; so if you're having a day where you want to shy away, red may not be the best colour to wear. 

I wonder how many times I'm going to say 'red' in this post? After reading this post, you'll probably spend your day subconsciously choosing red options - want a packet of crisps but can't decide out of salt and vinegar or ready salted? You'll probably pick ready salted, When the lady at subway asks if you want Tomatoes or Cucumber? Of course you'll pick tomatoes, Maltesers or Snickers? I think you get the gist...

I decided to pair this jumper with these black lace up jeans from Primark (found an identical pair on LIPSY for you all). The high split in the jumper shows off all of the beautiful lace detail down the side of the jeans - it makes what could be a boring outfit a bit more exciting. Despite feeling a little like spider man I love the contrast of red and black together, the black really makes the red pop even more.

What's the colour of the carpet celebs walk down at awards shows, premieres etc? Red! How do the celebs look when they're strutting their stuff and stopping to take fierce photos for the paps? They look confident, they look sexy, they look powerful, there's a reason why they chose the colour red for the carpet rather than blue or green. 
Like the majority of people at GCSE'S I studied Of Mice and Men, in the book 'Curley's Wife' is described by her love for red: Red lipstick, red dress - a real lady danger. She was the most passionate, daring and confident character in the book, full of lust. Although her time was short lived, all of her traits are a result of the colour red, the colour of confidence. It's almost as if red is more than just a colour, it sets your mood as soon as you chose to wear it, probably the only colour I'll really think about before wearing. 

Red is a colour I don't see myself getting bored of any time soon. For as long as I want to feel powerful, enthusiastic and fierce, I'll continue painting on a red lip and wearing this colour of confidence!


Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Lets get cringe and talk about LOVE - What does LOVE mean to YOU?

For me this is a perfect date outfit, so lets get cringe and talk about love. I'm a hopeless romantic, a sucker for love and all of the soppy cliches that come with it - I think it's because I'm born a week before Valentines Day, I just can't help it, I'm full of love!

Am I the only one that finds PDAs (Public displays of affection) cute? Of course you get those couples that take it too far and forget they're in a public place, but I think cute kisses, holding hands and snuggles are cute. I can't help but smile when I see them, now I've written that down I realise I probably sound and look like a perverted creep but I promise I'm not! I hope I haven't scared any readers away, please stay I promise I'm not creepy!

I'm 20 so what do I know about love? I've had one relationship, but after five and a half years I'd like to think, I'm in love. Love comes in so many forms, the first ever love you receive is from your mum when you're inside the womb, mums love us so much, they do everything they possibly can to keep us safe from the very moment they find out about us. They give up and do so much to keep us safe, something that they'll do for a lifetime.
These amazing tassel earrings are from TOPSHOP, I love that they're grey - a colour that can be worn all year round. They're super sparkly and have a beautiful flower stud before the drop down detail. Because I enjoy being extra on date night, I paired it with my favourite gliszy stone chocker also from TOPSHOP the stone detail really compliment the studs in the skirt. 

I love watching classic romantic movies from the stereotypical Notebook to the Original Bonne & Clyde, they show and teach you so much. The Notebook shows the obvious, true love never dies, if you truly love someone you'll try your hardest to keep them. Bonne & Clyde, a lot like Romeo & Juliet (did I just compare Bonne & Clyde to Romeo & Juliette, yes I did) show you can't help who you fall for, love steals your heart and that's out of your control. When you love someone you see the positive in them and become blind to all the negative they may have, something that can at the same time be a blessing and a curse.
Love is a lot more than material things, in fact as JLO put it, love doesn't have to cost a thing!  I won't deny that I like the dates and the gifts, who doesn't? but honestly that's an added bonus. For me, love is to have someone that supports me in everything I do, someone that doesn't judge, is open to all of my silly ideas and suggestions, doesn't let me go a day without laughing, surprises me in the smallest ways and smothers me with cuddles.

Although we are rapidly transitioning into winter I'm still loving, off the shoulder clothing, hence why I love this blazer style bodysuit from PRETTY LITTLE THING. When it comes to date night I like to look like I've made the effort but not like I've tried too hard, thats why this blazer was perfect. Its still casual but the crossed body and folded tuxedo detailing makes it look so much smarter, it really ties an outfit together nicely.

Not only is it important to show love to others it's also important to love and be kind to yourself. It's so easy to look in the mirror and pick out all of the things you hate about yourself, we are our harshest critics, why do we find it so hard to look in the mirror and point out all of the things we love about ourselves? It's something that almost comes as a challenge to us. 
These red ankle boots from EGO OFFICIAL paired with this black button up skirt from MISSGUIDED go together just as good as a rom-com on a Sunday night, with a bag of chocolates and ice cream. 

The studded detail take this skirt from being just a black denim mini skirt to something so much prettier. The boots with a silver ring detail brings a pop of colour, turning what could potentially be a casual outfit, to the perfect date outfit. The silver ring on both boots compliments the silver studs in the skirt. As you already know I love red, but red on a date bring added fire, heat and romance, since red is the colour of love!

Before I purchased these boots I put them on my Snapchat asking whether or not I should get them. Going against the majority vote of no, I decided I would get them anyway, I dress for myself and no one else! I'm so glad I did buy them because they may be my favourite purchase this Autumn. I love the fact they're patent, they brighten any outfit that might look a bit boring or lacking colour.
Just like love, British weather can sometimes be cold. Which is why, sticking to the monochrome theme I topped this outfit off with a tartan blazer from REBELLIOUS FASHION. Admittedly, its not the warmest - However, it covers the shoulders which are exposed from the bodysuit. I love the fact the sleeves from the bodysuit are longer that the 3/4 quarter length blazer and has the block white coming through.
It's a blazer that can be worn in so many ways, you can wear it on fully, draped over the shoulders as a bit of a statement or slouched off the shoulders. You can wear it on a night out or to a casual lunch, the perfect day-to-night jacket, the sort of thing you could wear to the office and then head out for drinks straight after in.

Since I've started blogging, I'm now taking a lot more photos of myself and I see how easy it is to become so harsh on yourself. Your hair isn't perfect in a photo, you look too tired in another, you have the most unflattering double chins in the next - the list is endless. Out of the hundreds of images that are taken, I'll probably end up actually liking 10 of them and even then I still might not be 100% happy. But it's important you remind yourself of all the good things you have, external and internal - love for yourself comes first. 

Love is a word that can often be thrown around so loosely can be very dangerous. A motto I've heard over and over is "If you can't love yourself, how can anyone else love you?" Love begins within before it's passed on. I feel for you to truly be able to know what love is you need to love yourself, so take a think and answer, what does love really mean to you.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Fly HIGH in Thigh HIGHS and HIGH Necks this Autumn/Winter

At the weekend my lovely sister and I took a trip down to the famous Calcott Street to shoot some pictures. Now I'm a blogger and my sister has just started studying photography at A-Level it's a win, win situation - I scratch your back, you scratch mine sort of thing! I get some great photos taken on her snazzy new Canon and not only does she get to practise, but also some amazing photographs of her fantabulous big sister that she can put in a portfolio, or maybe print on a canvas and hang over her bed, who knows! 
 Being in absolute awe surrounded by Candyfloss Pink and Willy Wonka Purple houses, I decided this was where I wanted to live. Being the nosey, curious Journo that I am I went on Zoopla and checked how much one of these Balamory homes would cost me, once I saw the £1.6m start price for a 3 bed I wasn't disheartened I was motivated to become successful and fly high

If you've known me for a while, you'll know high necks are another item of clothing that have always made me feel restricted. In sixth form 'Turtle neck Tuesdays' became a trend, something I never took part in - but within the past year I've become rather fond.

During a Haul I was doing for my YOUTUBE I stumbled across this MISSGUIDED cropped style high neck. I underestimate how high the neck would be, but once I tried it on I realised it's actually so flattering, it keeps your neck snug and gives a 'stand with your head held high' feel. It has a beautiful balloon sleeve detailing that clenches at the wrist, bringing it all back in and adding an extra flare. I had a mini debate whether to get the wine colour or the cream as I love deep reds during Autumn and the festive season, but I opted for the cream as it reminded me of snow falling outside and being wrapped up warm by a fireplace and a mulled wine at hand. 
Obviously, these knee highs are TO DIE FOR. I saw them on EGO OFFICIAL a couple of months back but never bought them, instead I saved them to my Wishlist. A few weeks later, forgetting about the boots and browsing again on EGO, I saw them and went to save them but to my surprise they were already in my Wishlist - that's when I knew they had to be mine. Not only do Thigh Highs go with so many different outfits: Shorts and a cute blouse, T-shirt dress and a leather jacket, jumpers & jeans, the list is endless! They also elongate the legs, making them look extra Sexy and Sassy! So although they were £54.99 I decided they'd be a good investment, a statement piece that I could bring out every year. 

This pair in particular bring serious Chanel vibes with the patent toe tip, an extra that I believe makes them look that extra bit expensive. 

WHAT'S THAT, A HAT? Circa Wizards of Waverly Place 2008. 

To complete this outfit I paired it with a TOPSHOP baker boy hat, I love hats (this may be because I'm never bothered to brush my hair) but I believe they're like a cherry on top of the cake, that little extra to top it off. Paired with this MISSGUIDED  scarf that continued the Chanel vibes with the pearl detailing they both made the perfect accessory and the perfect winter combo! 

For me this is a perfect outfit. It's all very casual, but tied together with the hat and the boots it makes me feel like I'm ready to conquer another successful day and FLY HIGH in my THIGH HIGHS!! 


Tuesday, 24 October 2017

If you see yourself as a visionary, why can't you have everything you want?

Last week at uni a random discussion about Tamgotchi's came up - the electronic toy that taught most of us 90's babies the responsibility of caring for something living. Excitement and laughter filled the room as we all began to reminisce about the times we would go to bed forgetting to feed our Tamagotchi and waking up to an oval with angel wings, letting us know we failed as  parents and our dearly beloved digital pet has died. 

While this post is not about the excitement of a Tamagotchi, it is about something my lecturer said. Informing us that she was never allowed the toy, the inner journalist and curiosity in me couldn't help but ask why, I mean I remember having about 10 - different colours, new versions and replacing broken/lost ones. My lecturer responded with "You can't have everything you want" a phrase I heard many times while sitting down with the Argos catalogue, getting my Santa list ready for Christmas. But hearing this now as an adult got me thinking, why can't you have everything you want? I know some things may seem out of reach at this present moment, but it doesn't mean you'll never have them. 

DISCLAIMER: I hate wearing black because of lint, I usually always have a lint roller at hand. However, it seems on this occasion I forgot to pack it in the suitcase and decided to walk around with a black top and a fluffy scarf. So I apologise for the irritating lint all over the t-shirt LOL.

All lint aside, if I had a pound for the amount of times I heard I live in my own fairytale or was compared to Alice in Wonderland I would probably be a millionaire by now, but honestly I just see myself as a visionary and I don't think there's anything wrong with that. That's why this top from BERSHKA was perfect, not only was it a bargain price of £4.99 (bought in store, its not online) it also suits my mindset so well.

 I don't believe I can't have everything I want, if I want something I usually have a good reason why and if I work hard, why can't I have what I want? I always plan things and often let my imagination run away with me, but I have to have a plan. I'm probably the only 20-year-old that'll spend ages looking on Rightmove at houses I want, working out how much the mortgage will cost and then planning how to get into the career I want so I can fund the house and lifestyle I want - I can't and refuse to settle for any less. If you go around saying "I can't have that" then what will you have to work towards? How can you decide what you can have and what you can't? 


If you follow me on INSTAGRAM you'll know this summer I had quite an obsession with red, I just love it! It comes in so many shades that compliment every skin tone and leave you feeling confident, fierce and sexy! I bought this skirt back in September from my favourite shop ZARA and still haven't had a chance to wear it! It's so flattering; it has a paper bag, elasticated waistband that hugs the waist but stretches for those moments a food baby decides to arrive! 

This is a skirt that you can dress up with heels or boots, or dress down and wear in more of a casual style with trainers and a t-shirt or jumper. I love bold statement pieces as they're so versatile and can be styled in a variety of ways to fit different occasions.

BOOTS (Similar)

Everyone should be a visionary and live life believing they can have whatever they want, that way there'll be no restrictions and you can strive to be and give yourself the best! xxx

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

YOU'RE A BITCH! - What does that even mean?

OKAY. We're talking bitches! Ask yourself this, how many times have you been called a bitch or shouted it at someone else? The answer is probably more than a few. Deriving from the term for a female dog in heat - snappy and somewhat irritable, the word bitch is known as an insult. But what if we took that, twisted it and made it into something more positive? Bitch, noun. A fierce, powerful being that doesn't give a damn what people think of them. It's the 21st century, we all like to break norms and traditions so lets change what the word 'bitch' means. 

When I saw this 'BITCH CLUB' tee on NastyGal.com I just had to have it. Not only was it part of the 2 for £20 offer (I'm a sucker for a deal) it's also orange, a favourite colour of mine to wear and lets not ignore the slogan, of course that was the main attraction, it caught my eye for sure. I thought if being a bitch came with positive connotations rather than an insult or slander why wouldn't I want to be part of the club? Nowadays, friends throw the word 'bitch' around to one another in casual chat and daily friendly banter, when it's used in that way no one gets offended. 

However, If I was to wear this t-shirt out to dinner at a nice restaurant or a family event, no one would care if I dressed it up with cute jeans and heels, or a skirt even, they'll just see the bold slogan and instantly view it as offence or inappropriate. But come on, lets not be so old fashioned - don't get me wrong it's not the type of thing I'd recommend you wear to meet the in-laws or to church on a Sunday, but if you need a statement piece to wear for lunch with the bitches or cocktails at a bar in the evening, why not? With the 2 for £20 offer you could all wear one and make it an official club! 
Maybe it's a thing of my generation that older people don't understand, but why shouldn't we be allowed to wear what we want? And do as we please? Everyone is so worried about conforming to societies norms that they forget to enjoy and express themselves. If you're not harming or causing offence to anyone then whats the big deal? I'll be wearing this top and wearing it with confidence, feeling like a fierce, powerful bitch!
Can we please ignore the creases, I had a few outfits in a suitcase for this photoshoot and I'm awful at folding! 

We all love accessories  so I paired this outfit with an ASOS double ring NECKLACE in gold, being someone that usually wears a choker I felt like I would switch it up a little bit and try something different. The gold really compliments the orange in the top and to match the necklace I have paired it with another piece from ASOS, this cute little gold BRACELET, simple and delicate with a sparkly stone detail. 

Continuing with accessories, here's a funny story about this BELT I'm wearing. I ordered it from ASOS, without paying any attention to the site and assuming the ASOS belt sizes work the same as ZARA belt sizes (using measurements of the waist) I asked my mum, "What size do you think I should order, 24-26 or 28-30?" With her response of a "24-26" I continued with my order and checked out. Later in the week, wondering when it will be delivered I went back to check my order and saw I had in actual fact ordered from ASOS Curve! The belts weren't in measurements of the waist, they were clothing size! That could only happen to me, so silly! HaHa, so with some creative improvisation I tripled up on the looping and looped the belt around so I wasn't left bare at the waist! 
Look at me, holding my SUNGLASSES (similar pair linked) with all that SASS! These aren't my typical style of JEANS, I'm usually the super skinny high-waisted type, but something about this pair from NastyGal caught my eye.

I've been overly obsessed with flared trousers and palazzo pants so the fact these were still high waisted, but wide legged I thought I'd give them a go. I love the exposed zip detail and the lining down the middle, both features really add extra detail to the jeans. 

To finalise the outfit I paired it with my rose gold REEBOK Classics, these are the most comfortable trainers I have ever worn! I often wear them to work as they're the only trainers that don't leave my feet throbbing after a nine hour shift. I've had them since the start of the year and still receive so many compliments on them, so not only are they super comfy but super stylish! I find they tend to go well with so many outfits of mine - and I mean, what bitch doesn't love rose gold?


Tuesday, 10 October 2017


At long last, I'm doing this blogging thing! I've wanted to do this for the longest time but out of fear, lack of know how and much procrastination I always put it off. But I'm here now and I'm here to stay! I plucked up the courage to start a YouTube channel, which I think is actually a lot more nerve wracking than starting a blog, since its literally me sitting in front of a camera talking - Which I'm actually really good at, I could ramble on for agessss!

At the weekend me and my friend Vanessa went down to Shoreditch to do a mini photoshoot, so I could get a move on with my blog. This is one of my favourite outfits ATM (At The Moment for people like my Mum that won't have a clue what I'm speaking about).

First things first, can we just talk about this jacket? OMG I'm obsessed, literally obsessed! Being someone with broad shoulders I've always thought leather style jackets would be a big NO GO. I never wanted to feel restricted, but I've looked past my fear and now I'm in love. This is a faux style leather from ZARA (£49.99) its super comfortable and goes well with many outfits, so far I've worn it with a skirt, jogging bottoms and obviously this outfit here!

The jacket has a belt detail, I decided to leave this undone because I know I deffo would've felt like I was wearing a straight jacket!

"Okay Vanessa, I'm ready for my close up." Haha! I couldn't come to Shoreditch and not get a photo with the graffiti (cliche, I know), the streets are literally covered with them. Although perceived as vandalism (with the exception of those professionally done) I feel like it looks so cool and really matches the vibe of Shoreditch, I wish I was as good as graffiti artists, I used to get critiqued in school for my stick men!

In this photo you can see how I paired this ZARA scarf with my outfit (click for one similar), although leather style jackets look super stylish I've quickly realised that when it's hot I get super hot and when it's windy I get super cold, so not only is the scarf a great fashion accessory, it was also needed for windy London! 

Shop here for the: VANS / SUNGLASSES / BAG (similar) I would love to post a link to this oversized t-shirt but it's one my dad was throwing away. So - Thanks dad for the t-shirt! 

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Now that I've written my first blog post, does this mean I can call myself a blogger? Haha *inserts blogger into Instagram bio* xx
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