Tuesday, 24 October 2017

If you see yourself as a visionary, why can't you have everything you want?

Last week at uni a random discussion about Tamgotchi's came up - the electronic toy that taught most of us 90's babies the responsibility of caring for something living. Excitement and laughter filled the room as we all began to reminisce about the times we would go to bed forgetting to feed our Tamagotchi and waking up to an oval with angel wings, letting us know we failed as  parents and our dearly beloved digital pet has died. 

While this post is not about the excitement of a Tamagotchi, it is about something my lecturer said. Informing us that she was never allowed the toy, the inner journalist and curiosity in me couldn't help but ask why, I mean I remember having about 10 - different colours, new versions and replacing broken/lost ones. My lecturer responded with "You can't have everything you want" a phrase I heard many times while sitting down with the Argos catalogue, getting my Santa list ready for Christmas. But hearing this now as an adult got me thinking, why can't you have everything you want? I know some things may seem out of reach at this present moment, but it doesn't mean you'll never have them. 

DISCLAIMER: I hate wearing black because of lint, I usually always have a lint roller at hand. However, it seems on this occasion I forgot to pack it in the suitcase and decided to walk around with a black top and a fluffy scarf. So I apologise for the irritating lint all over the t-shirt LOL.

All lint aside, if I had a pound for the amount of times I heard I live in my own fairytale or was compared to Alice in Wonderland I would probably be a millionaire by now, but honestly I just see myself as a visionary and I don't think there's anything wrong with that. That's why this top from BERSHKA was perfect, not only was it a bargain price of £4.99 (bought in store, its not online) it also suits my mindset so well.

 I don't believe I can't have everything I want, if I want something I usually have a good reason why and if I work hard, why can't I have what I want? I always plan things and often let my imagination run away with me, but I have to have a plan. I'm probably the only 20-year-old that'll spend ages looking on Rightmove at houses I want, working out how much the mortgage will cost and then planning how to get into the career I want so I can fund the house and lifestyle I want - I can't and refuse to settle for any less. If you go around saying "I can't have that" then what will you have to work towards? How can you decide what you can have and what you can't? 


If you follow me on INSTAGRAM you'll know this summer I had quite an obsession with red, I just love it! It comes in so many shades that compliment every skin tone and leave you feeling confident, fierce and sexy! I bought this skirt back in September from my favourite shop ZARA and still haven't had a chance to wear it! It's so flattering; it has a paper bag, elasticated waistband that hugs the waist but stretches for those moments a food baby decides to arrive! 

This is a skirt that you can dress up with heels or boots, or dress down and wear in more of a casual style with trainers and a t-shirt or jumper. I love bold statement pieces as they're so versatile and can be styled in a variety of ways to fit different occasions.

BOOTS (Similar)

Everyone should be a visionary and live life believing they can have whatever they want, that way there'll be no restrictions and you can strive to be and give yourself the best! xxx


  1. Well said Alika,if you work hard you can achieve whatever you want! Love you red skirt.xxx

  2. Another well written blog Alika. I'm glad you know you can be anything you want to be as long as you work hard. Props to your mother, she taught you well ๐Ÿ˜˜❤

    1. LOL talk about blowing your own trumpet!! But thank you xxxxx

  3. Absolutely spot on Alika๐Ÿ‘... if you plan and work smart then the world is your oyster...yes ... why can't you have it all ... wise beyond your years ... that being said im off to cop that t-shirt ... so I can be just like you when I grow up ...lol ๐Ÿ˜‚


    1. Looool! Hopefully they still have it in there! Thank you xxxx


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