Tuesday, 10 October 2017


At long last, I'm doing this blogging thing! I've wanted to do this for the longest time but out of fear, lack of know how and much procrastination I always put it off. But I'm here now and I'm here to stay! I plucked up the courage to start a YouTube channel, which I think is actually a lot more nerve wracking than starting a blog, since its literally me sitting in front of a camera talking - Which I'm actually really good at, I could ramble on for agessss!

At the weekend me and my friend Vanessa went down to Shoreditch to do a mini photoshoot, so I could get a move on with my blog. This is one of my favourite outfits ATM (At The Moment for people like my Mum that won't have a clue what I'm speaking about).

First things first, can we just talk about this jacket? OMG I'm obsessed, literally obsessed! Being someone with broad shoulders I've always thought leather style jackets would be a big NO GO. I never wanted to feel restricted, but I've looked past my fear and now I'm in love. This is a faux style leather from ZARA (£49.99) its super comfortable and goes well with many outfits, so far I've worn it with a skirt, jogging bottoms and obviously this outfit here!

The jacket has a belt detail, I decided to leave this undone because I know I deffo would've felt like I was wearing a straight jacket!

"Okay Vanessa, I'm ready for my close up." Haha! I couldn't come to Shoreditch and not get a photo with the graffiti (cliche, I know), the streets are literally covered with them. Although perceived as vandalism (with the exception of those professionally done) I feel like it looks so cool and really matches the vibe of Shoreditch, I wish I was as good as graffiti artists, I used to get critiqued in school for my stick men!

In this photo you can see how I paired this ZARA scarf with my outfit (click for one similar), although leather style jackets look super stylish I've quickly realised that when it's hot I get super hot and when it's windy I get super cold, so not only is the scarf a great fashion accessory, it was also needed for windy London! 

Shop here for the: VANS / SUNGLASSES / BAG (similar) I would love to post a link to this oversized t-shirt but it's one my dad was throwing away. So - Thanks dad for the t-shirt! 

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Now that I've written my first blog post, does this mean I can call myself a blogger? Haha *inserts blogger into Instagram bio* xx


  1. Well done Alika, look forward to seeing many more ❤

  2. For your first blog this is great! Well done you xx

  3. Well done leek the outfit look nice

  4. Well done Alika ... Proud of you...😊 Informative, fun and stylish and yes your mum needs the break down of the abbreviations... 🤣

    1. Thank you! LOL, I always have to break things down, she really acts elderly sometimes! xx

  5. Loving the tee! This style of writing is EXACTLY what I'm looking for. I can't wait to hear from you again! xox

  6. Well done Alika,I love your style looking forward for your next blog


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