Tuesday, 17 October 2017

YOU'RE A BITCH! - What does that even mean?

OKAY. We're talking bitches! Ask yourself this, how many times have you been called a bitch or shouted it at someone else? The answer is probably more than a few. Deriving from the term for a female dog in heat - snappy and somewhat irritable, the word bitch is known as an insult. But what if we took that, twisted it and made it into something more positive? Bitch, noun. A fierce, powerful being that doesn't give a damn what people think of them. It's the 21st century, we all like to break norms and traditions so lets change what the word 'bitch' means. 

When I saw this 'BITCH CLUB' tee on NastyGal.com I just had to have it. Not only was it part of the 2 for £20 offer (I'm a sucker for a deal) it's also orange, a favourite colour of mine to wear and lets not ignore the slogan, of course that was the main attraction, it caught my eye for sure. I thought if being a bitch came with positive connotations rather than an insult or slander why wouldn't I want to be part of the club? Nowadays, friends throw the word 'bitch' around to one another in casual chat and daily friendly banter, when it's used in that way no one gets offended. 

However, If I was to wear this t-shirt out to dinner at a nice restaurant or a family event, no one would care if I dressed it up with cute jeans and heels, or a skirt even, they'll just see the bold slogan and instantly view it as offence or inappropriate. But come on, lets not be so old fashioned - don't get me wrong it's not the type of thing I'd recommend you wear to meet the in-laws or to church on a Sunday, but if you need a statement piece to wear for lunch with the bitches or cocktails at a bar in the evening, why not? With the 2 for £20 offer you could all wear one and make it an official club! 
Maybe it's a thing of my generation that older people don't understand, but why shouldn't we be allowed to wear what we want? And do as we please? Everyone is so worried about conforming to societies norms that they forget to enjoy and express themselves. If you're not harming or causing offence to anyone then whats the big deal? I'll be wearing this top and wearing it with confidence, feeling like a fierce, powerful bitch!
Can we please ignore the creases, I had a few outfits in a suitcase for this photoshoot and I'm awful at folding! 

We all love accessories  so I paired this outfit with an ASOS double ring NECKLACE in gold, being someone that usually wears a choker I felt like I would switch it up a little bit and try something different. The gold really compliments the orange in the top and to match the necklace I have paired it with another piece from ASOS, this cute little gold BRACELET, simple and delicate with a sparkly stone detail. 

Continuing with accessories, here's a funny story about this BELT I'm wearing. I ordered it from ASOS, without paying any attention to the site and assuming the ASOS belt sizes work the same as ZARA belt sizes (using measurements of the waist) I asked my mum, "What size do you think I should order, 24-26 or 28-30?" With her response of a "24-26" I continued with my order and checked out. Later in the week, wondering when it will be delivered I went back to check my order and saw I had in actual fact ordered from ASOS Curve! The belts weren't in measurements of the waist, they were clothing size! That could only happen to me, so silly! HaHa, so with some creative improvisation I tripled up on the looping and looped the belt around so I wasn't left bare at the waist! 
Look at me, holding my SUNGLASSES (similar pair linked) with all that SASS! These aren't my typical style of JEANS, I'm usually the super skinny high-waisted type, but something about this pair from NastyGal caught my eye.

I've been overly obsessed with flared trousers and palazzo pants so the fact these were still high waisted, but wide legged I thought I'd give them a go. I love the exposed zip detail and the lining down the middle, both features really add extra detail to the jeans. 

To finalise the outfit I paired it with my rose gold REEBOK Classics, these are the most comfortable trainers I have ever worn! I often wear them to work as they're the only trainers that don't leave my feet throbbing after a nine hour shift. I've had them since the start of the year and still receive so many compliments on them, so not only are they super comfy but super stylish! I find they tend to go well with so many outfits of mine - and I mean, what bitch doesn't love rose gold?



  1. Love it Alika ��

  2. Beautiful girl, your blogs are excellent!!! Can't wait to read your next one x

  3. Loved this blog ...You actually made me laugh out loud ... Love your humour... clothing on point... True Fashionista... xx


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