Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Fly HIGH in Thigh HIGHS and HIGH Necks this Autumn/Winter

At the weekend my lovely sister and I took a trip down to the famous Calcott Street to shoot some pictures. Now I'm a blogger and my sister has just started studying photography at A-Level it's a win, win situation - I scratch your back, you scratch mine sort of thing! I get some great photos taken on her snazzy new Canon and not only does she get to practise, but also some amazing photographs of her fantabulous big sister that she can put in a portfolio, or maybe print on a canvas and hang over her bed, who knows! 
 Being in absolute awe surrounded by Candyfloss Pink and Willy Wonka Purple houses, I decided this was where I wanted to live. Being the nosey, curious Journo that I am I went on Zoopla and checked how much one of these Balamory homes would cost me, once I saw the £1.6m start price for a 3 bed I wasn't disheartened I was motivated to become successful and fly high

If you've known me for a while, you'll know high necks are another item of clothing that have always made me feel restricted. In sixth form 'Turtle neck Tuesdays' became a trend, something I never took part in - but within the past year I've become rather fond.

During a Haul I was doing for my YOUTUBE I stumbled across this MISSGUIDED cropped style high neck. I underestimate how high the neck would be, but once I tried it on I realised it's actually so flattering, it keeps your neck snug and gives a 'stand with your head held high' feel. It has a beautiful balloon sleeve detailing that clenches at the wrist, bringing it all back in and adding an extra flare. I had a mini debate whether to get the wine colour or the cream as I love deep reds during Autumn and the festive season, but I opted for the cream as it reminded me of snow falling outside and being wrapped up warm by a fireplace and a mulled wine at hand. 
Obviously, these knee highs are TO DIE FOR. I saw them on EGO OFFICIAL a couple of months back but never bought them, instead I saved them to my Wishlist. A few weeks later, forgetting about the boots and browsing again on EGO, I saw them and went to save them but to my surprise they were already in my Wishlist - that's when I knew they had to be mine. Not only do Thigh Highs go with so many different outfits: Shorts and a cute blouse, T-shirt dress and a leather jacket, jumpers & jeans, the list is endless! They also elongate the legs, making them look extra Sexy and Sassy! So although they were £54.99 I decided they'd be a good investment, a statement piece that I could bring out every year. 

This pair in particular bring serious Chanel vibes with the patent toe tip, an extra that I believe makes them look that extra bit expensive. 

WHAT'S THAT, A HAT? Circa Wizards of Waverly Place 2008. 

To complete this outfit I paired it with a TOPSHOP baker boy hat, I love hats (this may be because I'm never bothered to brush my hair) but I believe they're like a cherry on top of the cake, that little extra to top it off. Paired with this MISSGUIDED  scarf that continued the Chanel vibes with the pearl detailing they both made the perfect accessory and the perfect winter combo! 

For me this is a perfect outfit. It's all very casual, but tied together with the hat and the boots it makes me feel like I'm ready to conquer another successful day and FLY HIGH in my THIGH HIGHS!! 


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