Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Lets get cringe and talk about LOVE - What does LOVE mean to YOU?

For me this is a perfect date outfit, so lets get cringe and talk about love. I'm a hopeless romantic, a sucker for love and all of the soppy cliches that come with it - I think it's because I'm born a week before Valentines Day, I just can't help it, I'm full of love!

Am I the only one that finds PDAs (Public displays of affection) cute? Of course you get those couples that take it too far and forget they're in a public place, but I think cute kisses, holding hands and snuggles are cute. I can't help but smile when I see them, now I've written that down I realise I probably sound and look like a perverted creep but I promise I'm not! I hope I haven't scared any readers away, please stay I promise I'm not creepy!

I'm 20 so what do I know about love? I've had one relationship, but after five and a half years I'd like to think, I'm in love. Love comes in so many forms, the first ever love you receive is from your mum when you're inside the womb, mums love us so much, they do everything they possibly can to keep us safe from the very moment they find out about us. They give up and do so much to keep us safe, something that they'll do for a lifetime.
These amazing tassel earrings are from TOPSHOP, I love that they're grey - a colour that can be worn all year round. They're super sparkly and have a beautiful flower stud before the drop down detail. Because I enjoy being extra on date night, I paired it with my favourite gliszy stone chocker also from TOPSHOP the stone detail really compliment the studs in the skirt. 

I love watching classic romantic movies from the stereotypical Notebook to the Original Bonne & Clyde, they show and teach you so much. The Notebook shows the obvious, true love never dies, if you truly love someone you'll try your hardest to keep them. Bonne & Clyde, a lot like Romeo & Juliet (did I just compare Bonne & Clyde to Romeo & Juliette, yes I did) show you can't help who you fall for, love steals your heart and that's out of your control. When you love someone you see the positive in them and become blind to all the negative they may have, something that can at the same time be a blessing and a curse.
Love is a lot more than material things, in fact as JLO put it, love doesn't have to cost a thing!  I won't deny that I like the dates and the gifts, who doesn't? but honestly that's an added bonus. For me, love is to have someone that supports me in everything I do, someone that doesn't judge, is open to all of my silly ideas and suggestions, doesn't let me go a day without laughing, surprises me in the smallest ways and smothers me with cuddles.

Although we are rapidly transitioning into winter I'm still loving, off the shoulder clothing, hence why I love this blazer style bodysuit from PRETTY LITTLE THING. When it comes to date night I like to look like I've made the effort but not like I've tried too hard, thats why this blazer was perfect. Its still casual but the crossed body and folded tuxedo detailing makes it look so much smarter, it really ties an outfit together nicely.

Not only is it important to show love to others it's also important to love and be kind to yourself. It's so easy to look in the mirror and pick out all of the things you hate about yourself, we are our harshest critics, why do we find it so hard to look in the mirror and point out all of the things we love about ourselves? It's something that almost comes as a challenge to us. 
These red ankle boots from EGO OFFICIAL paired with this black button up skirt from MISSGUIDED go together just as good as a rom-com on a Sunday night, with a bag of chocolates and ice cream. 

The studded detail take this skirt from being just a black denim mini skirt to something so much prettier. The boots with a silver ring detail brings a pop of colour, turning what could potentially be a casual outfit, to the perfect date outfit. The silver ring on both boots compliments the silver studs in the skirt. As you already know I love red, but red on a date bring added fire, heat and romance, since red is the colour of love!

Before I purchased these boots I put them on my Snapchat asking whether or not I should get them. Going against the majority vote of no, I decided I would get them anyway, I dress for myself and no one else! I'm so glad I did buy them because they may be my favourite purchase this Autumn. I love the fact they're patent, they brighten any outfit that might look a bit boring or lacking colour.
Just like love, British weather can sometimes be cold. Which is why, sticking to the monochrome theme I topped this outfit off with a tartan blazer from REBELLIOUS FASHION. Admittedly, its not the warmest - However, it covers the shoulders which are exposed from the bodysuit. I love the fact the sleeves from the bodysuit are longer that the 3/4 quarter length blazer and has the block white coming through.
It's a blazer that can be worn in so many ways, you can wear it on fully, draped over the shoulders as a bit of a statement or slouched off the shoulders. You can wear it on a night out or to a casual lunch, the perfect day-to-night jacket, the sort of thing you could wear to the office and then head out for drinks straight after in.

Since I've started blogging, I'm now taking a lot more photos of myself and I see how easy it is to become so harsh on yourself. Your hair isn't perfect in a photo, you look too tired in another, you have the most unflattering double chins in the next - the list is endless. Out of the hundreds of images that are taken, I'll probably end up actually liking 10 of them and even then I still might not be 100% happy. But it's important you remind yourself of all the good things you have, external and internal - love for yourself comes first. 

Love is a word that can often be thrown around so loosely can be very dangerous. A motto I've heard over and over is "If you can't love yourself, how can anyone else love you?" Love begins within before it's passed on. I feel for you to truly be able to know what love is you need to love yourself, so take a think and answer, what does love really mean to you.

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