Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Why I just can't get enough of RED

Surprise, surprise - I'm back in Red! Its funny because until recent years I was never a great lover of red, I felt like it was a fake pink, pinks arch enemy. But now you'll find me sporting a red lipstick on a night out, my car has red seats and whenever I want to add a pop of colour into my outfit I always go for red! Its great because its a colour that you don't have to put on hold due to the change of seasons; In Spring and Summer its perfect because its bright and goes great with pretty blossoming flowers, in Autumn it matches the crunchy falling leaves and in Winter it's the most festive colour going - I mean, its the colour that Santa Claus wears! 

Am I the only one that feels weather confused when they wear a jumper and sunglasses? Sometimes I'll be walking down the road in full on eskimo attire: A thick knitted jumper, scarf, ear muffs, fluffy coat, but then I have to wear sunglasses because the lost sun that provides nothing but light blinds me as I walk. 

Like a true Brit all I seem to be saying is "I can't believe how cold it is", its almost as if I've lived in Hawaii for the past 20 years of my life and have only arrived in the UK. I don't know why I'm so shocked - it's the same every year! Not wanting to dress dull just because darkness now arrives around 4pm, this PRETTY LITTLE THING Jumper was just what I needed. It comes in a variety of colours but I had to get it in red, for me, red is the colour of confidence. 
For the bargain price of just £15 this round neck, high split jumper will not only keep you warm and snug but leave you feeling confident. The colour red is such a bold statement in itself, theres no other way to wear it than with confidence. Studies have proven that the colour red brings things to the foreground, your brain subconsciously picks up red faster than any other colour; so if you're having a day where you want to shy away, red may not be the best colour to wear. 

I wonder how many times I'm going to say 'red' in this post? After reading this post, you'll probably spend your day subconsciously choosing red options - want a packet of crisps but can't decide out of salt and vinegar or ready salted? You'll probably pick ready salted, When the lady at subway asks if you want Tomatoes or Cucumber? Of course you'll pick tomatoes, Maltesers or Snickers? I think you get the gist...

I decided to pair this jumper with these black lace up jeans from Primark (found an identical pair on LIPSY for you all). The high split in the jumper shows off all of the beautiful lace detail down the side of the jeans - it makes what could be a boring outfit a bit more exciting. Despite feeling a little like spider man I love the contrast of red and black together, the black really makes the red pop even more.

What's the colour of the carpet celebs walk down at awards shows, premieres etc? Red! How do the celebs look when they're strutting their stuff and stopping to take fierce photos for the paps? They look confident, they look sexy, they look powerful, there's a reason why they chose the colour red for the carpet rather than blue or green. 
Like the majority of people at GCSE'S I studied Of Mice and Men, in the book 'Curley's Wife' is described by her love for red: Red lipstick, red dress - a real lady danger. She was the most passionate, daring and confident character in the book, full of lust. Although her time was short lived, all of her traits are a result of the colour red, the colour of confidence. It's almost as if red is more than just a colour, it sets your mood as soon as you chose to wear it, probably the only colour I'll really think about before wearing. 

Red is a colour I don't see myself getting bored of any time soon. For as long as I want to feel powerful, enthusiastic and fierce, I'll continue painting on a red lip and wearing this colour of confidence!


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