Tuesday, 12 December 2017

From Day - To Night this Christmas

From Day...

It's been snowing all weekend, the trees up, there's Christmas lights all around. The shops are filled with cinnamon and spiced orange scented candles, all of the Christmas pop up markets have their hot mulled wine ready. I'm snug on the sofa with a fluffy blanket, hot chocolate in hand and Polar Express in the background - It's safe to say Christmas is here!

Something I find hard to do is dress nice, but casual for the daytime. I'm either dressed super extra with sparkles, pearls and statement boots, or I look like a sloth thats just crawled out of a bush, theres no in-between. I like to be comfortable, but I don't pull of the cute sweats, tee and trainers look like Kim K does, maybe its the lack of curves, or bum, or maybe the professional glam squad, who knows! 

When I wake up in a hurry for my 10am uni starts, I always want something that I can just throw on. This will usually be a pair of jeans or tight grey joggers, admittedly its something I won't have to iron. Now I've found these PRETTY LITTLE THING wide leg trousers I can be both comfy, stylish and festive! 
I don't know about you, but I love versatile pieces. That's why these trousers make the best day to night piece. They have a sporty red and white stripe along the side, this gives it a real casual relaxed feel, but also breaks up the glitter. They're fitted at the waist and thigh area and then have a gradual flare. 

What I like about these flares are that they're not too wide legged. I've bought so many in the past and they would be impossible to wear without heels. So I could only wear them on a night out or to a cute lunch, something that required me  dressing up for. However, with these they're not too long and the flares are a reasonably casual.
 I paired them with this oversized slogan tee from Zara that reads 'No more boring days, no more waking up early, no more Mondays, no more morning alarms, no more lists'. Oh how I wish this was the case, but with every negative such as a Monday morning theres a positive. In my case its a Billionaires Hot chocolate before uni. With every annoying morning alarm there's something great you have to be getting up for and with no more stress theres a life of bliss and happiness.

To night...

Sometimes I'll have to go out in the evening, but have minimal/no time to change into something more suitable for the occasion. Grab a bodysuit chuck on a pair of heels, throw on a faux fur and you're ready for the night! When paired with heels these trousers elongate the legs so much and really show off the snug fit. 

I have my work Christmas party coming up at the weekend, we're going to a cute vegetarian restaurant for dinner and cocktails followed by a party destination. I'll definitely be wearing these trousers because not only will they keep my legs warm in the frosty evening, they'll be comfortable to dance in and they're perfect for the restaurant. Also, if my feet are hurting at the end of the night from being in heels for so long, I can bring a change of trainers in my bag for the journey home!

3 reasons why they're a perfect December must have:
  1. They're red, you don't get more festive than that. It's the colour Santa wears!
  2. They have specs of glitter so they resemble tinsel, glitters always great for a celebration.
  3. They're WIDE LEG, need I say anymore.

This GUESS faux fur is my go-to! I bought it a few years back at Bicester Village. For a short while I felt like I had worn it way too much so I put it to the back of my wardrobe and posted it on my depop. When no one bought it I saw it as a blessing in disguise and I've fallen in love with it all over again. 

Going to the supermarket in my pyjamas? I've got this fur on top. It's a windy day? I've got this fur to keep me warm. Going on a night out? I'm bringing this fur with me. The great thing about it is that it goes with almost every style, casual, pyjamas or night out. 

I always find it hard to find a coat that goes well with my outfit and keeps me warm. No one wants to leave the club at 3am covered in goosebumps and shivering, thats why this coat is perfect, it makes any outfit look extra dressy. Not only does the Burgundy compliment the Red so well, but the textures also go nicely.

I paired this outfit with these rose gold HEELS, they're not too high so they're as comfortable as heels get. They're rose gold, a favourite colour of mine for accessories and they're a simple sandal heel. I decided to keep it simple as the trousers are the statement. 

I love day to night outfits, the kind you can wear to the office and then for drinks after. The outfits you can wear shopping and then to a cute dinner, these glitter trousers have to be a fave day to night piece for me! 


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