Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Releasing my inner Mariah - Queen of f*cking everything & Pearls

Okay guys, first of all, lets address the fact I look like a real life Christmas tree and I'm living for it! We're in December now, lets just be as festive as possible for the whole month. 

Its so easy to lose motivation or do things half heartedly, there's nothing wrong with it as long as you push through, we're only human. There are days when I'll wake up and not want to do anything, I won't want to go to uni, I won't want to see or socialise with anyone I'll just want to shut myself off from the outside world, but then I question - what will I gain from that? I'm paying 9k a year for uni I may as well get the most out of it, I'm lucky enough to have hilarious friends and a loving family so I may as well socialise with them (I'm not making out there's days where I don't go ahead with shutting off because we all have those days, but I try to have as few of them as possible). 
This slogan tee is amazing right? I'm afraid its OLD season Missguided and I say old because I got it about 2-3 years ago, I was a very sassy 17-year-old, my dad was not and is still not impressed with it! HAHA. It definitely makes a statement, and if you couldn't tell from my bitch club post I like to make a bold statement. 

What does it mean to be the Queen of f*cking everything? Well, for me its releasing my inner Mariah Carey. I remember being like 9-years-old and having a picture of her laying on a fluffy cloud as my PC background picture, not only is she my spirit animal, she is literally the Queen of everything: Queen diva, Drama QUEEN, Sparkle queen - I think you get my drift. I'll have to admit that I'm a bit of an unintentional drama queen sometimes, I don't mean to be it just comes naturally! For some people that's their worse nightmare but we can all be a little dramatic every now and then. 

We all set out to do different things in life but what's the point in going into it half heartedly? You may as well set out to be a Queen/King from the very start. To be a Queen is to be someone successful and of importance, in chess its a powerful piece all things I'd love to be. 
I paired this amazing tee with a khaki velvet belt from PRETTY LITTLE THING just to kick start the Christmas vibes. The velvet texture really compliments the pearls and not only does the colour makes it extra festive paired with the red boots! I love the big round buckle on the belt, its subtle but the shape flows nicely with the pearls. 

The belt has a thick band which is great because not only can you wear it with jeans, but I can also picture it looking really nice with a shirt dress. 

I love pearls, pearls, pearls, pearls - pearls I do adore! (look at me, remixing Jay Z girls). If you haven't guessed already from my Instagram, I am obsessed with pearls. So when these jeans were discounted for Black Friday I had to have them! What a perfect mom fit from PRETTY LITTLE THING. The pearls are perfectly symmetrical on each leg, something my OCD is super thankful for, the light wash colour compliments the cream pearls and can be worn with both light and dark colours. 

I love that these jeans are super festive so can be worn during the month of December, but they're also so light - in both colour and material so they can be worn in summer too. These jeans are both the statement and the accessory in an outfit  they're so easy to style: pearl jeans, white tee and trainers - the perfect outfit when you want to look like you tried, but not too hard. Or you can go all out like I did and pair them with a tee and some amazing bold ankle boots, that'll definitely turn heads. 
You would've seen these red EGO OFFICIAL boots on my previous post and as I said then, I'm in LOVE with them so I had to pair them with this outfit to top off the Christmas look, red patent, you don't get much more festive than that.

You're probably thinking its weird for me to be wearing a gold bracelet and silver ring, I should just stick to one right? Both of items of jewellery are sentimental to me and that will come before styling any day. The silver infinity ring which I've posted before was a gift from my boyfriend, I had been going on for ages that I wanted a Pandora ring (when I say ages, I literally mean three years) however he was always so reluctant because there wasn't any he liked, mean right? I mean I'm the one thats going to be wearing it not him. Anyway, he eventually saw one he liked and got it for me as a cute little surprise. 

The bracelet is even more precious, it belonged to my Great nan who sadly passed away almost a year to date. Being of an Indian background this is an Indian Gold bangle that she would always wear, I'm pretty sure she had it for most of her life. Recently my dad received it and gave it to me to keep and wear, its something I never plan on taking off - So not only is it extremely beautiful, its super sentimental. 
"You're so extra" is something I hear almost everyday, maybe next time I hear it I'll just respond with "I'm not extra, I'm the queen of f*cking everything" or does that come across as too rude and boujee? Hahaaaa x 

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  1. You look amazing as ever Alika. Well written, love the ending xx


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