Sunday, 21 January 2018

Brunching babes - Élan cafe, Instagrams hotspot

If you don't already know, you're all probably wondering what this place is that is taking over your Instagram feed - It's floral, it's pink, it's Élan Cafe. 'Distinctive and stylish elegance, impulsive, confident ardour' everything this cafe delivers. 

I've decided to do a feature on my blog called 'Brunching babes'. I'll visit some of the hottest brunching spots and share with you guys my experiences, what I had to eat and of course a cheeky outfit post! 

I'm the girliest girl, so anything involving pink and florals, I'm there! Jess and I were constantly sending photos of the cafe to one another. So on Sunday 14th January, we took a drive down to the Élan on Park Lane, right next to The Dorchester, the first Élan that popped up in London.

A lot smaller than the new one that's recently opened on Brompton Road, next to Harrods it meant it was super packed. As soon as you enter, there's a buzzing atmosphere, everyones taking photos of themselves and the amazing cakes, it's a bloggers heaven. 
Photo taken by Jessy Miller 
The outside seating was the most popular area, and with not many seats, in comparison to the ratio of people waiting, everyone was given numbers of when their seat would be ready. Despite it being a cold Sunday afternoon, not only were we there for the brunch - we were there for the photos! So we were also added to the list of people waiting to be seated outside. We used the wait time to have a mini photoshoot by the flower wall and a browse at the menu. Luckily, because there was only two of us we got seated fairly quickly and that's when the Brunching began. 

To start off we got some drinks: Jess opted for a freshly squeezed OJ, while I got the Spanish Latte - the most popular of them all according to the lovely waitress. Safe to say, it was the best Latte I have ever tasted! Labelled as one of their Alternative Latte's instead of using normal cows milk and sugar they use coconut and condensed milk, giving it a sweet, but not sickly taste. 
When it came to ordering our food I was torn between the beautifully coloured Acai bowl or a classic poached egg with hollandaise sauce. After debating for a good 5 minutes, I went for the more filling and somewhat safe option of the eggs - because i've heard Acai bowls can sometimes be sour. Jess got the simple Burford Brown poached eggs, on an English muffin and hollandaise sauce, I got the same, however jazzed it up a notch. Along with the Burford Brown poached eggs also on an English muffin with hollandaise sauce, I added Fennel and dill smoked salmon and some crushed avocado. A brunch meal I often make myself, this did not disappoint and was most definitely 100x better than the one I make! 

The salmon was arranged in a cute rose style and the amount of hollandaise sauce to accommodate the rest of the meal was perfect. The fennel and dill was a nice addition to give some extra flavour. I like my poached eggs with a runny yolk but quite firm egg whites and that's how they came. I have a thing about cold sauce and cold toast, I can't eat toast if it's cold and I don't enjoy a sauce cold, if I usually eat it hot. When I've had hollandaise sauce in the past its always been warmed over a stove. However, this one at Élan was Luke warm and so was the English muffin, this I would say was a downfall. 


After this we got some pudding (silly me, I have some how deleted the photo of it). There was so much choice, I didn't know whether I wanted a warm cookie, a classic cheesecake or a fruit option. Jess went for a warm brownie, while I opted for the nutty dulce de leche cheesecake. The portions were more than generous, which resulted in me not being able to finish it all.

The bill came to £48, which is quite expensive for a Brunch. However, this is Mayfair and it's not the type of place many people will go for a casual brunch everyday! Overall, it was a great experience, the food was yummy and I can't wait to go back!



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