Thursday, 11 January 2018

How I survived the first week of 2018

Walking into 2018 like... 

We're just over a week into 2018 and isn't it going fast! I know, I know, we spend most of our time in disbelief as to how fast time is flying and how cold it is in the UK, I myself am guilty of this. I had to put my blog posts on hold due to the fact I was swamped in uni work, and super busy with family and friends over the Christmas period. However I'm back, and I'm back for good! I have some really exciting things lined up for the up coming weeks so fingers crossed I'll have some great content to share! Because of my busy schedule I've been unable to do any shoots, the photos I'll be posting are some I shot last year and have previously shared on my Instagram. However, I haven't shared them with the Blog so here they are! 

I've never been the type to do the whole 'New Year New Me' 'This year is my year' sort of thing until now. Previously, I never had anything I was passionate about, I never had anything I truly cared about, but now I've started my blog I have a focus. I have a real fear of failure, I've always been embarrassed or too scared to put something out there, in case it doesn't do well, or incase I fail - This is what held me back for years from creating a blog. Usually, I don't care what people think of me, I'll go out shopping rollers in my hair, go to the local supermarket in my pyjamas, socks and slides, I truly don't care what people think. However, when it comes to putting myself out there and sharing content I've created, it's always been something thats scared me. I've decided to make 2018 the year I'm not afraid of failure, I've learnt no fail is a bad thing, but instead a learning kerb. 

I have goals and dreams bigger than these amazing LASULA sleeves. As organised as I am, I'm not good at sticking to plans or goals but I've made it my mission to do so this year! My friend Jess got me a 2018 DIARY and a PLANNER for Christmas and on the front page of the planner I've decided to write down my goals and resolutions. 

2018 GOALS:

  1. Travel more - I believe life was not made to be lived in one place. I don't see the amazement everyone else sees by London, of course it's a great place filled with amazing opportunities and is so diverse. However, I feel like there's so much more out there - I plan to visit as many places as I can while young, so when I'm older it's a lot easier for me to decide where I want to settle down, and call my forever home. I'm thinking Hawaii, a modern beach house surrounded by palm trees and the sea. Maybe even LA - I always saw myself as a Beverly Hills, 90210 kinda girl. 
  2. Book more photoshoots - Currently, all of my photos have been taken by my lovely little sister Mya. She studies photography in college, however it's not a passion of hers as she wants to get into architecture so she's getting tired of me harassing her for photos. For 2018 I'd like to branch out and book photographers to shoot my looks, I feel by working with an actual photographer,I will be able to find out what poses and locations work well for me. I'll be able to work out what editing I like, and discover my own style for my blog/instagram. 
  3. Grow a bigger following for my blog - I would love for my content to reach more people, I plan to work out what fellow bloggers/blog readers enjoy reading and seeing so I can find a way to incorporate these things into my work and create a great following.
  4. Be more confident and believe in myself - A lot of people will probably always think I'm quite confident because I don't tend to come across shy, I create content for my blog and for my YouTube channel, which a lot of people would find hard to do. However, I am actually really shy, I get embarrassed really easily especially when having my picture taking (weird I know, maybe I shouldn't have started a blog! haha). Which may be the main reason I didn't get anyone other than my sister to take pictures of me sooner. I'm allowed to be awkward and shy in front of her, because she's family - But when it's professional, it's completely different. It's super easy for me to scrutinise work I do and photos I take, finding faults other people would otherwise be oblivious to. For 2018 my aim is for this to stop, I want to grow more confident in front of the camera, more confident in myself and believing I can do whatever I put my mind to. 
  5. Be more sociable/Meet new people - It's so easy for me to hide away in my room and engage with people through my phone, believing this is a way of being sociable. Instead of just speaking in the group chat with my friends I'd like to make more of an effort to do things with them and speak in person! I love meeting cool new people, I love learning from them and finding someone I can truly click with, someone that gets all the banter! I met some great people in 2017 and hope to meet loads more this year! 


  1. Stick to a schedule - Because I'm quite forgetful, i've tried to give myself a daily schedule. I forget what I have planned or what it was I was going to do so by having a schedule it'll be a great way to remember. 
  2. Meditate and Take up Yoga - I've recently started meditating and I wish I had started earlier! Taking some time at either the start or the end of the day to reflect and focus on my breathing really helps me. As someone that tends to worry and stress about small things, since I've started meditating I feel a lot less stressed and a lot happier. I'm also quite tense, I always have been and I don't know why, so I hope by starting Yoga my body will be a lot more relaxed. 
  3. SAVE - This is a big one for me, I have a savings account but I tend to dip into it, here and there. As I'm getting older I'm getting scared about all things adult, so I would like to put a healthy amount of money away into a savings account that I cannot dip into!

I got this selection of incense from G.BALDWIN and I try to burn one once a week, while I meditate or just before I go to sleep. I got the Amber incense as it's supposed to help with self-finding, strength and confidence - It has a deep but sweet smell when it is burnt. The frankincense is good for releasing stress and helping with anxiety, it's also good to help cleanse any bad spirits which is great because no one wants any bad vibes! The Ylang-Ylang and Vanilla I bought simply because I like the smell of both, and thought they'd be great to burn together, it has a light smell but still smokey. Finally, I got the Nag Champa incense because it's one I've heard great things about - it smells amazing! I've always loved the smell of talcum powder and this is what Nag Champa smells like to me! 

Here's to surviving the rest of 2018, Make 2018 your year! 

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  1. Good luck with sticking to your New Years resolution. I'm sure you will as you have gone into this year very motivated ❤


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