Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Getting ready for spring? I'm still burning Christmas Candles, my patience for sunshine is on THIN ICE

We've all seen global warming in action over the past couple of months, with snow still falling in the middle of March its safe to say our patience is on thin ice. I remember a time when spring meant blooming cherry blossoms, rosé wine and floral smelling Febreeze - doesn't that seem like a thing of the past? I'm still lighting my sparkling cinnamon Yankee candle, drinking a deep merlot and wearing thermals every time I leave the house.

Despite the snow barely clearing the ground, today marks the first day of Spring, so it's only right i've got my legs out and sunnies on. While some may be worried about me catching pneumonia or hypothermia, (mum and nan) I have high hopes that the seconds of sunshine we saw yesterday afternoon will continue for the rest of the month. Scrap that, rest of the year, now wouldn't that be an ideal world? Sunshine in London for a whole year, I can almost picture it.


Lets talk about the simple denim skirt, a classic fashion staple. You can wear it in the daytime to a picnic or nighttime to a bar, summer or winter. Pair it with heeled ankle boots or trainers, tights and Uggs, however you choose to wear it, it's an item you can always have in your wardrobe and bring out year after year. 

This skirt from Stradivarius is cheaper than my Nando's, a bargain price of £19.99. Shamefully, this is my first time in many years buying a simple, denim skirt. I remember having a few when I was a kid: Pink, Black, Blue, Red, my mum would dress me as colourful as the homes in Balamory. But since being an adult, I don't remember the last time I was the owner of a light washed denim skirt.

 I love the fact it has belt loops so I can jazz it up with an extra accessory, whether that's a thin belt or thick, leather or velvet. It's the perfect length so I don't look like a hooker but at the same time I don't look like a nun. There's also minimal detail in the middle with stitching leading up to the zipper, that small detail makes it look that little more stylish.


A 1950's housewife was not the look I was going for with this Navy and White polka dot number paired with bold Red sunglasses. However, looking back at these photos I feel that's the vibe I'm giving off. 

When I saw this shirt on the mannequin in Stradivarius I knew so much more could be done with it to do it justice. It was styled for a middle aged plain Jane off to work, I saw the potential and wanted to give it some life. So for £17.99 I searched or the shirt in a Large and that's exactly what I done. 

Polka dots are a favourite this Spring with designers such as Balenciaga, Dior and Carolina Herrera featuring the spotted print on the catwalk. 

This shirt has a flattering 3/4 length sleeve the silky material, however it came across as shapeless on the body. Although I decided to buy the shirt oversized, the sleeves were still shorter than they would be on a full length shirt. This gave more of a slouched look at the shoulder, meaning the sleeves began a lot further down the arm. 

There was the perfect amount of extra material allowing me to tie the shirt at the front and make it cropped. Transforming this mundane shirt that you might find in your mums wardrobe, into a style that shows you have a personality. The type of top you can wear out to lunch time cocktails with the girls, or on a first date with the cute guy you see every morning while ordering your daily dose of caffeine.


By now we all know I have an obsession with sunglasses - cat eyed style especially. The red pair I'm wearing are from ASOS and were a birthday gift, they couldn't be more me. I'm always trying to find more ways to brighten up my outfit so a pair of red sunglasses is perfect. 

Feeling like the black Audrey Hepburn waiting for my man to pick me up in an aqua blue, 1960's thunderbird. All ready to take me for breakfast at Tiffany's, these sunglasses are a definite vibe.

I've loved cat eye sunglasses ever since I was 15, buying my first pair from topshop, I was heart broken when I was dancing - I say that loosely, I was jumping around moving vigorously out of rhythm and the glasses fell off my face, onto the concrete floor and broke. A friend tried to fix them but after that they would just slide off my nose; nothing was ever the same... *queues drake music*

To complete this look I finished with some black, pink and red tassel earrings also from Stradivarius.


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