Thursday, 8 March 2018

Realising the truth behind "Not everything goes to plan."


I'm back from an amazing trip to Paris with my boyfriend, I was invited to my first ever London Fashion Week show, and despite the bottles of champagne and balloons still afloat it's back to reality. 

21 is an age I've always wanted to be, while on my surprise trip to Paris I was loving life: I got to release my inner 7 year-old and become the true Disney princess I am, I was enjoying fresh bakery breakfasts, late night red wine conversations in Parisian cafés - everything was great, I was living the Parisian dream! Now, back in gloomy London it's been nothing but avocados, bedroom break downs and panic attacks.

Do you ever feel like there’s just not enough time in life to do everything you want? I’ve always had a list of things I need done before I’m 30. Now I’m starting to realise the true meaning of ‘not everything goes to plan.’ I’m into the second year of my degree and to put it simply, I hate it.

There's often a debate within society on whether or not it's fair that we have to decide our careers so young. I mean, you can't vote - something that determines your future and standard of life until you're 18, so why do we have to pick a path for our future career around the age of 16? 

Now hear me out, I know this may sound ridiculous but I have a very vivid memory. I remember being 7 and watching 13 going on 30, to this day it's still one of my favourite movies. I went around telling everyone 'I want to work for a fashion magazine' all because of this film. I know what you're thinking: 'How do you remember, you were 7?'. The answer to that is the following year when I was 8, I went to Florida and wouldn't stop going on until I got razzles - small, colourful sweets that become gum and change the colour of your tongue. A sweet as you may know, Matty and Jenna eat in the film. 

Two years later, I was 9 and Devil Wears Prada came out, Fuelling my want to get into the fashion industry even more. It taught me it was going to be tough, I would face a lot of knock backs, cattiness and stress but I knew it would all be worth it. Growing up I looked into it and thought about it more and began to feel disheartened, 7 year-old me just didn't realise how hard it would be to excel in fashion. For that reason I put it on hold and looked into working within some ridiculous fields: MI5, Professional treasure hunter a Doctor & Lawyer, the list goes on. All careers that would without a doubt be challenging, but entertaining and provide a thrill. 

When picking my GCSE and A-Level options I was on track to study law, so chose options needed to get into a Law degree. After listening to various talks by Barristers and Solicitors I was super excited by the pay that would come with law. I mean, who wouldn't want a 50k+ starting salary - but as someone that wants to be creative and wants to be free within their work, I was put off by the idea of being locked in the chambers for years, wearing a cloak and not fully being able to express myself. 

Sixth form was something my parents wanted me to do, the traditional thing to do, the thing universities admire the most. But much to my parents dismay, after results day I dropped out of Sixth Form and attend college to study Creative Media.

This was a lot more me, I got to analyse and dissect films, create films and music videos, make my own website and work on the radio. I was finally doing things that made me happy, that I enjoyed and as a result I got good grades. Always finding away to incorporate my passion for writing into my work this got me back on track and made me look a lot more at what 7 year-old Alika wanted, to write for a glossy mag. 
Not sure whether or not I wanted to be a TV Presenter, a Radio host or a Print Journalist I decided to study a Journalism degree. I thought it would give me a wide insight into the world of Journalism and allow me to decide what field, if any I would like to go in. Two years later and I can confidently say I have once again, made the wrong decision. Not enjoying the university I am currently at or my chosen degree I am considering moving elsewhere. I thought about dropping out but I feel I can do well in uni and really enjoy it if I'm doing something I love. Also, I feel if I was to drop out I'd be letting everyone that believed in me down. Everyone always says "Do what makes you happy." Parents, teachers and advisors included, so why if dropping out was something I fully wanted to do, something that would ultimately make me happy, I feel I can't do because of how I'll be perceived by others.

These YSL Yeti look-a-like boots from EGO make me happy, they're extremely loud, super bright and a real statement. I've only worn them twice and both times I've got some real weird looks, friends nudging each other to have a look, kids pointing my own little cousin is scared of them! But hey ho hun, its fashunnnn!

Because the dress is midi I decided to pull it up a little just so it didn't look awkward with the boots, creating a layered ruched look. I love the dress, the colour, the ribbed detailing and the fact I can wear it off or on the shoulder. It's super flattering - DRESS

I always wanted reflective sunglasses so no one could tell if I was spying on them or not - creepy, I know. I find the tone of blue in these sunglasses compliment the boots perfectly. My sunglasses are from Topshop in store but I have found a pair from Noughts&Kisses

I've sent some emails to Universities asking whether or not I can start from year two and hopefully they agree so I'm not too behind. I'm working on my CV and will also be applying for various fashion internships and work experience. It's so easy to find yourself doing things to please others when ultimately it's your life and your choice, make sure you always follow your heart and do what makes you happy! 

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