Wednesday, 18 April 2018

FESTIVAL FASHION - My 3 Favourite Festival Outfits

With the glitter from Coachella barely left the desert, it's safe to say Festival season is well and truly amongst us. Whether you're attending a day festival or trekking around the fields looking to set up camp, one of the most important parts of a festival is the outfit. What's everyone wearing? Who has the best hair style? Are you a bohemian babe or a glitter girl? All questions that run through any festival goers head.

Hands down Vanessa Hudgens is the ultimate Festival Queen, she kills it every year! But for me, her style isn't a look I feel I could pull off. I love Festivals, but unfortunately I haven't managed to bag a ticket (YET), I have plans to attend at least one so of course I'm thinking ahead and planning my outfits.

Outfit 1: Frills & Flares

Recently, I've been collaborating with a brand called Bersavella Boutiquepromoting clothes for them on my Instagram. When they asked if they could send me this frill crop top I was more than happy to say yes! This style is typical me and something I'd definitely wear to a festival. 

What's not to love about mustard? It's a colour that compliments so many skin tones and really stands out. The wide arms and frill sleeves are loads of fun, just what you expect from a festival. The way it fits is super flattering, it's fitted in all the right places, not too cropped, with the right amount of skin on show and if I do say so myself - my boobs look great!

TOP - £17

The trousers couldn't be more me, I love a good pair of flares. Every time I wear flares I'll usually get a little laughing smirk from my dad or comments on social media like: "You look like you're flying" or "Please stop wearing flares". But in true Alika style, I will not listen; maybe 15 years from now I'll look back at photos and think 'God Alika what were you thinking', but for now I'm happy flowing in the wind. 

This black pair are great because you can wear them casually with trainers, or dress them up with heels. There's nothing I enjoy more than a versatile item of clothing, I feel like I'm really getting my moneys worth. 

You find some gorgeous extreme flares, which look amazing and really elongate the legs. But living in the UK with unpredictable weather, the last thing you want are trousers that are going to get destroyed as a result of being dragged through the mud. That's the great thing about this pair, they're fitted at the thigh but slightly flare the further down they go. 


 Flatforms are a festival essential, every festival goddess from Kendall Jenner to Aimee Song have been spotted at one point dancing the night away in open toes. I on the other hand have always been too scared to wear anything open toed to a festival, I have a real fear of hundreds of people stomping on my toes and me leaving at the end of the night with 3 toenails. 

Not only do flatforms provide the comfort that platforms won't. They have a great chunk - giving you extra height, and your precious festival pants from getting damaged. The pair I'm wearing are from a cheeky Topshop sale purchase last year, but for you babes I managed to find an almost identical pair from Quiz. 

SANDALS - £29.99

Outfit 2: Sweet Sweet Fantasy

This outfit makes me feel like I need to be in the Mariah Carey - Fantasy video. Close your eyes, clear your head and imagine the sweet smell of candy-floss, the stickiness of huge, colourful lollipops and the roar from the festival funfair, thats the vibe I was trying to capture with this bright look.

Not only are stripes a timeless favourite, they're also super playful. If you've seen my Instagram recently you'll know I'm all about the bright colours right now, so yellow and white stripes were an instant yes from me. 

The beauty of stripes are they can be worn by anyone. There are countless times I have had conversations with women with different body shapes and they make comments like "I can't wear stripes, they make me look too wide" or "I wish I could pull of stripes, they just make me look lanky". NO, NO, NO! If these are worries you face, it's all about finding stripes that make you feel confident - you don't like the traditional where's Wally stripes? How about trying diagonal stripes, this creates the illusion that you're super tall and softens any curves.

TOP - £15.99

Coloured denim is something I'm sure we all remember from a young age, and if you don't it's a spring trend year after year. Cute Red denim jackets, Baby Blue denim shorts and of course a Barbie Pink denim skirt, we all remember chasing the rainbow with our wardrobes. Pastels are super on trend for SS18 so I paired the stripe top with this block Pink denim skirt to give the outfit balance. 

A cute denim skirt is perfect for any festival. The colour brings all the fun, while the skirt allows you all of the freedom needed to cut some shapes to Solardo, throw up any rap signs to Jay Z or sway left and right to Coldplay. 

I paired the outfit with these amazing Fila trainers, they're super comfortable which is needed for a whole day dancing around on your feet. The pink compliments both the top and skirt, and the chunk of the trainers add to the quirkiness and fun that comes with a festival. 
SKIRT - £17.99

What better way to prepare for a festival than investing in these amazing Topshop earrings! When I saw them on the Topshop Instagram I knew they had to be mine. Unfortunately these are not sold online and I've only seen them in the Oxford Street Store, but how amazing are they. With a combination of finely crafted, flower detail and beautiful pastel colours these earrings are the perfect accessory to finish any festival/ss18 look.

Outfit 3: Florals

This is another outfit from Bersavella Boutique. When putting this together I thought of the festival goer that wants to look cute, but not like they tried too hard. "Florals, for spring? Groundbreaking" sorry Miranda, we're all guilty of it, the sun comes out and so does the florals - festivals are full of floral wearers. 

There's something about the way a dress flows and whirls when you dance. Not only does this dress flow and swish in all the right directions, it's a dress that will suit every figure. The dress is covered in beautiful white flowers with hints of red and green detail, with a frill trimming. 

There was a moment in fashion where frills were rejected. With designers such as Christopher Kane, Erdem and Gucci continuously creating dresses and skirts full of frills, it's safe to say frills are well and truly back in fashion. 

DRESS - £27

As we scroll through Instagram saving our favourite Coachella outfits, the next thing we will be on the hunt for is my favourite - Festival glam. Keep an eye out on my Festival post part 2 all about getting glam for a festival!

All Photo's Taken by Jessica Miller


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