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Brunching Babes - NAC Mayfair

One by one, slowly but surely I'm ticking off my list of Brunch spots. Last week I treated Jess to a birthday brunch at NAC in Mayfair. The restaurant is a breath of fresh air, as soon as you enter you're welcomed by the loveliest of staff, everyone is super smiley and the women are dressed impeccably. I noticed a number of waitresses dressed in beautiful floral gowns and pretty heels, very on trend. 

It was a beautiful day, clear skies and the sun was shining - It wasn't the kind of sunny day where you're dripping with sweat, constantly checking your underarms and self conscious you're letting of an odd smell. Despite showering, using deodorant and drenching yourself in your favourite perfume. However, you could still wear your sunglasses and have an optional light jacket. It was a Sunday, our reservation was for 1.45 - the perfect time I'd say, because as soon as we were shown to our table there was a queue resembling that of the release date of a new marvel film in cinema. 

It wasn't long before a waiter came over and handed us the menu, Brunch is only served on the weekend, perfect. Usually I'd ignore my intolerance to caffeine and opt for a latte, that sounds aesthetically pleasing to get a photo for the gram. But because it was a celebration and a sunny day Jess and I both went for rosé.

I have such a sweet tooth, not only with desserts but with alcohol too. I asked the waiter for the sweetest rosé - pretty gorgeous was the name, appropriate for two babes like us, I know. Being sceptical on the taste as it's a rosé I'm not familiar with (I'm not familiar with many rosé's if I'm honest) the waiter kindly brought some over to try. *Ahem* clears throat, my Nan held a wine and cheese tasting at her house so I'm practically a pro at this right? 
  1. Hold by wine glass stem.
  2. Give it a swish.
  3. Smell.
  4. DRINK or spit, but a lady never spits.
Okay, in an ideal world where I'm living on the upper east side (Yes I am watching an episode of gossip girl, yes I may be finding many similarities between myself and Blair Waldorf.) I would've used my wine tasting skills - but in the real world, I thought of following these steps, but it seemed like too much pressure. What if I get it wrong and look like an idiot? Jess would definitely be like 'wth are you doing' and I'd end up up spitting the wine out with laughter, so classy. So I drank the rosé and it was light and fruity, at £7 it also happened to be the cheapest, what a winner.

Two glasses of wine and a bottle of water later we had the hard decision of ordering what to eat. Do I get the egg white omelette with mushrooms & tomato? But it has no cheese... Do I get the French toast, raspberries, clotted cream and pistachio? Like I said, I do have a sweet tooth. But then there's avocado and of course avocado always wins! I got the poached eggs and avocado on toast for £13, while Jess got 2 poached eggs on a muffin with hollandaise sauce, it looked very delicious. 

Never have I been asked how I like my poached egg, when the waiter asked Jess and I this question there was a real look of confusion on our faces. Suddenly there's so much pressure, what do you even answer? 'soft? runny?' Having a fear of raw runny egg whites, but liking an oozing runny yolk I opted for medium. Unfortunately medium was just too hard for me, there was a slight ooze but it was thick - nevertheless still amazing. 

LETS TALK ABOUT THIS AVOCADOOOOOO! Omg, not only was the toast smothered in what seemed to be a soft, crushed avocado puree, but there was also slices of avocado on top. It's any avocado lovers dream! The dish was complimented with slices of radish, chilli flakes and coriander. The only thing I would request next time to make it just that tiny bit better is add smoked salmon on the side, there's nothing I love more than smoked salmon, avocado and poached egg on toast. If making this dish at home I'd also add a drizzle of balsamic glaze, just to give it a sweet edge and stop the crust on the toast from tasting a little bit dry and a squeeze of lemon to balance all the flavours - but I'm no Nigella.

Jess and I are both huge Mac & cheese lovers, so when we saw TRUFFLED Mac & cheese on the menu, I repeat TRUFFLED Mac & cheese we had to get a side portion to share. For £11 you get a hefty amount and I must say, it's cheese galore! I wish I got a photo of how stringy the cheese was but I was too busy devouring both this and the avocado on toast. I would say it's more of a cheese & truffle bake than a Mac & cheese only because they used pasta, rather than macaroni and the sauce was creamy but baked. With every bite the beautiful truffle flavours come through, it was delicious but maybe too sickly to have alone as a side alongside a main dish, I would definitely recommend sharing. 

By the end of the meal we were both too stuffed to order dessert, who knew avo on toast & some cheesy pasta could be so filling! We asked the waiter for the bill, 5 minutes later a lady came out holding a plate that read 'Happy Birthday' written in Chocolate, with a candle in between 4 brownies, singing the celebration song we're all very familiar with. Now I know the photo only has 2 brownies, but that's because I stuffed my face with 2 prior to taking the photo. I like to leave a special request when booking online so I let the restaurant know it was a 21st birthday brunch and they brought the brownies out as a surprise - a pleasant one as well. 

The brownies may have been the best brownies I have ever tasted, even better than those you buy in Amsterdam - if you know what I mean. Lightly dusted in coconut, with a soft squidgy centre, the brownies truly melt in your mouth. They're also the perfect size so they don't get sickly, I could've eaten all 4 to myself, in fact I think I ate 3 - but that's only because Jess hates coconut and I had to convince her to try one. I had to share the divine taste with someone, I've never had a brownie like it, although I'm not sure she shared the same love for them as I did.

Once the bill was paid we went downstairs to use the toilet, and of course have a peak at the interior. Downstairs is small and decorated a lot different to the upstairs. I didn't manage to snap a photo of the upstairs as it was very busy and I didn't want to invade anyones eating privacy, but it's full of white walls and brown and black furnishings. Downstairs on the other hand is pink, deep turquoise and gold. Full of booths, I believe downstairs is for larger bookings, it's also where they keep the bar - alcohol fills the crystal jars with fresh mint and cinnamon sticks on display. 

It wouldn't be a brunch if there wasn't a little bit of a photoshoot so when heading back to the car, Jess got a few shots of me near Berkeley Square. I would love to link the details to this exact outfit however these floral print trousers are around 2 years old from Zara. I remember I was working at House of Fraser at the time and I would see so many women come in, in these beautiful flowing trousers, they looked amazing! However, when I put them on I wasn't the same amazing picture of perfection - the trousers were too long and I looked like a dwarf being swallowed by a curtain. Two years later and the trousers taken up I can finally wear them and they're the perfect length to wear with wedges or trainers!


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