Sunday, 4 November 2018

Sand, Sea and Tweed - Chanel SS19 Review

Sand, Sea and Tweed – no this is not a sighting of Jackie Kennedy in the sixties on the beach in Mykonos. This is SS19 Chanel. 

Designed for Paris Fashion week the room was transformed into a beach: real sand, real water and a 360 backdrop resembling a sea view. The models entered the show from the manmade pier; barefoot and new PVC sandals in hand, (I know, no one wants sand on their new sandals, or the worry of ruining your new Chanel suit). With sand in between their toes, covered in pearls and the signature tweed – they were clearly ready for the beach. The models moved with an elegant strut sporting sorbet colours, SS19 belt bags and oversized blazers; somewhat resembling Uncle fester – in a chic, yet classy way. Throughout the walk there’s a swift transition of styles, some more casual than others: denim jeans, ‘Chanel’ printed cardigans and day dresses – all while keeping the sophistication Chanel brings. As Chanel began designing hats, there’s no surprise a variety of styles pop up throughout.

The walk ended with a number of darker looks, navy coloured sequences, tasselled jackets and suits. It seems the cycling shorts trend is yet to leave as Chanel have featured a pair in their collection. The collection is very true to Chanel: classy and smart, yet fun.  One that can be worn by both Vivian Ward (after she met Edward Lewis of course), and the Princess Grace of Monaco.


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